Now he's a philosophizer

The unwanted armchair theories of an investor on life, process, philosophy, and psychology.

This is a personal blog where I may write and publish stuff. I want to be very upfront with you: I’m going to “philosopher king” really hard in here. You will probably roll your eyes while reading and say to yourself, “wow, this is stupid. What a stupid thing this stupid man wrote. How dare he waste my oxygen?”

Fear not… in time I am confident that I will look back on the things I wrote and say the same.

To make things worse, nothing I write here will be vetted, edited, tested, backed up, original, or otherwise reliable in any sense. As should be obvious, I’d like to to state that nothing here is investment advice or a solicitation of any kind. All ideas presented here are likely wrong. I may change my mind on anything I write. In fact, I may change my mind multiple times.

Finally, it is your fault for reading this. Don’t put that on me. Pieces written here may exist solely to entice a reaction from Twitter or other parts of the interwebs. I’ll probably talk about the mismanagement of the Star Wars Expanded Universe IP at some point. Again, it is your fault for reading this. This blog is not for you. It is for me.



Dan McMurtrie